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My baby is 8 and she won't be standing at any sinks- she is in a wheelchair.

Speaking of my baby-

The New Orleans Museum of Art was having a free Grand ReOpening so we went down Saturday. It was really nice and they even had children's authors who did activities with the kids. A theatre person had picked Katie to help with his Little Red Riding Production, when I noticed Katie staring out into space not talking. I realized she was having a mild seizure, so I hurried her out of there (with the poor guy calling out after us but I couldn't yell out "Sorry, she can't be in your show but she's having a seizure. I did tell someone later to go tell him why we left). She came out of it quickly and didn't even get sleepy.

So we left the museum, but stayed in New Orleans visiting relatives and going to see how it looked around the Lakefront. We went into a restaurant to eat around 6 and Katie started shivering. I touched her and she was burning up. I asked a family with kids if they had any Tylenol or Motrin, and the Dad went and got some Motrin for her, and we got our food to go and left.

On the way home (an hour's drive), Katie seemed to be ok- the Motrin brought her fever down, but when we were almost in Baton Rouge, she had another seizure, so we decided to go by the ER. They couldn't find a reason (her fever wasn't even 102), but they took blood to see if she needed a higher dose of seizure meds and we get the results by Monday I hope. She had a seizure in her sleep Sat. night- at least that is what it looked like. We had her in bed with us.

She was ok today, but I am keeping her home Monday until we find out what is going on. She hasn't had a blood test for a while and with a weight gain, I am betting she just needs a higher dose of meds.

By the way, the museum looked great, and it was a very nice day until the seizure. We also got to have snowballs with my cousin and family on the opening day of a nearby snowball stand. The neighborhood people were thrilled that the place was open.
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