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Please keep in mind Paypal or Ebay will never email you this way.
If they have a concern with your account, you will get a private message on their website AFTER you log in, Like we do here. NEVER NEVER click through one of the phoney links provided in the fake emails. I have been told that they can contain trojan viruses, tracking cookies, or even worms. It could do a lot of damage. If you are concerned about the issue, go through your regular link or type in the URL and go there yourself to see if there is really an issue with your account. (ie
Also if you place your cursor over the fake link and NOT click, you will see the REAL address come up either in a little window or down below in the browser bar. This is another good way of telling if the Link is a fake or not.
But really, know that any letter from Ebay or Paypal, asking for ANY kind of personal info is a fake. I even got an innocent looking survey from what I thought was Ebay, just hours after making a purchase. I thought it was real. They were even going to give me a $5 Ebay GC to complete it. Until I got to the next page and they wanted all my Paypal info to deposit it in my Paypal account. Boy did I learn quick. These thieves are getting trickier and trickier. Keep your guard up and always, always question their validity until you know for sure.
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