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Lightbulb Private Messages

As a member of this board you could receive private messages from other members, moderators or the administrator.

There are 3 ways to know if you have a message.

1. There is a box in the upper right corner of every page that has "Welcome, (your name)." Under that you will see a link called private messages that you can click on to get to your mailbox. Also, next to the link it tells you how many unread ones you have and how many you have total.

2. You can go to "User CP" in the function bar and then to "Edit Options" and in the "Messaging and Notification" section select the checkbox to notify you by e-mail when you have a private message.

3. You can also check a box in the "Edit Options" of the "User CP" in that same section to be notified of private messages via pop-up.

There are several other options on the "Edit Options" page you can use to customize your preferences. There will be tutorials on those later, in the meantime, you can ask me a question about any of these options you need help with. It's better to post your question in the forum so that others who may have the same question can read it too...some people are too shy to ask and that's okay, because you can ask for them!

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