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Wowmarker Great Day at the Mailbox!

After a short spell of slow mail days, today I hit the bonanza! Two $10 Walmart gift cards from My Points, two piece sample of chocolate (bon-bon size, solid) from Van Holten's Homemade Chocolates. I ate one right away...oh my... ...heavenly! (I may go back to this site and check it further for a future purchase.) A 30 caplet sample of Garden of Life multi-vitamins, a $7 coupon from Naturemade vitamins, Maybelline Pure sample and coupon, a two packet sample of Dove Intense Moisure Shampo and Conditioner, a $10 check from Creation Rewards, a Walmart sample of Head & Shoulders shampoo and my sample of True lemon and True lime! I love it when they come in big bunches like that instead of just trickling in a few at a time, makes it much more fun.
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