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Originally Posted by emtluvs2cook
I get really aggravated at sites that "require" a street address and won't accept post office boxes....I would LOVE to send some of them a short comment. I live in WV and all we have is po boxes where I live Some places here are getting mail delivered to boxes at their house or in cluster boxes at certain locations, but we don't have it here....The people you owe money to don't have a problem with po boxes, so.......................I just get frustrated. We now have a house number for the 911 system, but it has nothing to do with your postal address-- its for ems, police, fire etc.. I was just wondering what others thought..speechless
My mom has the same problem where she lives in Texas. She is so far out of town, UPS or Fedex doesn't even deliver to her. She doesn't have a street address, just a number in case of fire, which they would never find her house!
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