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Saving all this money is great..finally have the husband trained to look for the bargains instead of going straight for the regular priced stuff all the time. He comes from a family where sale is ok, but who it took a few years to train him to look for best price for best you can afford but negotiate if ya this year for my birthday he finally got me the curio cabinet i've been begging for, and he found a great one, perfect size..on sale, and got more off for hauling it home himself..they taped it all up, put styrofoam around edges, packaged glass in a box. and then put it in his van FREE! Seems you have to be purchasing thing weeks in advance around here to get delivery and i'm sorry to deliver something 20 min up the road does not cost 50 bux. But the one thing i constantly hope happens but it still eludes me... WINNING one of the Goodies on the 15th!! Bracelets, gift cards.. geez come on!! lol.
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