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Default My intro!

HI everyone!

Well, I have posted a little on the site, but have been so busy SHOPPING that I have barely gotten any sleep, done any laundry or entered in an official intro! So, here goes.

My name is Lisa and I'm a shopaholic....

Seriously, I'm a stay at home mom, who never stays at home. I have a hubby who works from home, but his job has him traveling often, so that adds to my crazy schedule. He is great though, and his job as an account executive for a clothing company, means we get a nice employee discount on everything the company makes, so everyday is like a sale there! Now if only I could buy myself a new figure, or find my old one under this one, then I'd really use my discount to it's full potential!

We have a 12 year old daughter, who is a competitive gymnast and trains 20 hours a week (40 miles away), hence the never staying at home. She is a sweetheart of a girl though, good grades, helpful and kind, and a wonderful sister.

Our son is almost 8, and he is a big time builder/engineer and Lego enthusiast. He is a Cub Scout (my hubby is the Scoutmaster) and takes guitar lessons, and plays basketball ...another hence for never staying at home. Such a great boy though- perfect grades, fun, sweet and a good brother.

Our almost 2 year old dog, Louie, is a Shih Tzu/ Cocker Spaniel mix...can I say Shi#@y Cocker here? Although that funny name doesn't do him justice. He is a supersweet pup- super smart and personality plus...and spoiled beyond belief!

In my spare time (and I mean spare), I am a big time amateur photographer, scrapbooker and love my shopping imagine my thrill in finding this wonderful site! I have truly been a little bit glued to my keyboard for the last couple of weeks, and though my Christmas shopping has been done since October 1st (don't hate me, it's because my hubby and I worked retail for years and I swore not to be in stores after Halloween if I didn't have to be), I have found many a bargain for things I didn't know I needed, for birthday gifts in the upcoming year, and have been especially pleased to be shopping for a family we "adopted" for the holidays (a tradition we do every year)!

I am from Las Vegas (and have never worked in a casino or cared all that much for gambling- afterall, I'd rather spend the money shopping and have something to show for it), met my hubby in North Dakota (I actually went to college there thinking it couldn't be all that cold- talk about a shocking freshman year freezing to death while plugging in my car!), then moved back to Las Vegas (job opportunities abound and my family there), then to Phoenix (hubby left retail to work for clothing company) and then to Northern Cal (AZ and CA in the same year, and while I was pregnant with baby #2!). We thought we'd be there a couple of years, ended up staying for 5 (loved every single thing about the bay area except the horrendous cost of living), then had a chance to move to the midwest with my hubby's company! Now the St. Louis area (suburb about 40 miles west) has been our home for 3 years, and we absolutely LOVE it! For a girl who grew up in one of the hottest cities in the US and a guy who grew up in one of the coldest cities in the US, this is a great compromise...not to mention a great area in general! Not a tourist area, but a great place to raise a family and make friends.

And you see why I needed time for this intro!

You all have been so fun and helpful- and I wake up each morning looking forward to seeing the new deals and read the forums (which by the way, the one about the "blue box" of random stuff has been SO entertaining!). And it doesn't bother me one bit that I am saving money and making friends at the cost of getting on my Nordic Trak and getting in shape! LOL!

Hope to visit with more of you soon!

Take care,
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