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Originally Posted by momnick8
I saw a book at Barnes and Nobles that I want to try and get at the library. I don't have the exact title, but it has something about the Edison Gene. I think it is about kids who are ADHD and very smart like Edison with his learning disability. The author had something about people being either Hunters or Farmers with schools being set up for Farmers. It's not that people with ADHD don't pay attention, it's that they pay attention to too many things, like the Hunters of cave men days who had to keep scanning the horizon for their prey and to be safe. My hubby is ADHD also so I can relate. And though I am not OCD, I have been told I have OCD tendencies.

Nancy who needs to get to bed.
Is this it?
Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child
If so, I'm gonna take a look at it, because it sounds like something that might help. Maybe I'll have my brother read it too, if I can keep his attention on it long enough.
Him having ADHD and turning all the knobs and touching everything really drives a person with OCD nuts.

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