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I found this place called Honda OwnerLink that is free to register to get service updates, recall information, special offers, sweeps, dealer information (for the place you bought it from), etc. It knows all this stuff by entering your VIN#. It's crazy! speechless

And also I found this in the FAQs:

Q: If I have my maintenance services performed by someone other than a Honda dealer, will my warranty be voided?
A: Not if the maintenance is performed properly. The only way your warranty may be affected is if it can be shown that misuse or improper (or lack of) maintenance caused or contributed to the malfunction.

Q: Is there any warranty on parts that I pay for at my Honda dealer?
A: Yes. Honda Genuine Parts are covered by a Replacement Parts Limited Warranty. If these parts are installed by a Honda dealer, both the parts and labor are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If the Genuine Honda parts are purchased from a Honda dealer and installed elsewhere, the parts themselves are covered for 12 months.

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