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it is this thing you sign up for and work with someone like a personal search engine or something....I signed up from an invite from someone on another site... here is the email I got from them. I have not really looked into it much yet though.

You are a bona-fide ChaCha Guide.

--Where do I start?--
We have put together the following resources for you to read and get
the best information on how to be a successful ChaCha Guide.

ChaCha Guide Handbook:

ChaCha Guide Code of Conduct:

ChaCha Knowledgebase:

--Still Stuck with a Question / Found a Bug?--
Send an email to, a ChaCha representative will respond
to your email as soon as possible.

--Have an Enhancement Idea or Suggestion?--
Let us know! Visit and click the
"Feedback" link at the top.

--Want to work from another computer?--
You are welcome to Download the Guide Application onto another computer
(you can use the same login). After you login, click the "MY ACCOUNT"
option and choose the "DOWNLOADS" tab.

--Useful Links--

Congratulations once again on becoming a ChaCha Guide!

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