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Wink Marilyn Elizabeth

I'm partial to that because MY name is Mary Elizabeth. (maiden name was Price so same initials, too!) Also, Mary and Elizabeth, cousins, are two strong women in the Bible, so she would have wonderful examples all of her life. I am the mother of four girls who are 5 years apart, all grown up now, so you are in for fun! Once you get past the emotional teens, the Mother-Daughter relationship is very special and my girls are a huge support system for each other in times of trouble. And, of course, they spoil their Father rotten! I still have some favorite photos of him jumping rope or playing hop-scotch with all four of them. I see that all of your girls names start with oldest daughter, Lauren married a man (his name is Lance) who is the youngest of 10, all who's names start with L, so she fits right in!

Great Idea, hope we all helped you! Mary
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