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Originally Posted by pepper60 View Post
Thank you, Karen, for the honor of being MBBs first Member of The Week.
It's more exciting then when I won a queen contest (many years ago LOL).

Thanks to everyone for the accolades. It's been easy to love this place
because of all of you. I can't get through a day without stopping by MBB
several times to see what's up, who's won a contest, checking out those
great freebies especially the FREE FOOD , and
sharing with all of you. Not to bring anyone down, but when I joined I
was grieving over the loss of my dear sister and you all gave encouragement and love to a total wonderful that was. I will always smile
when I use one of the many coffee cups some of you sent me when I misplaced mine! It was like Christmas recieving all those packages! Since joining I have see the power of our shared prayers for other members which has been truly uplifting.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Now I'm off to make that crab cakes recipe so it will be ready when you all stop by.
This brought tears to my eyes, you have a heart of gold Diane. ((hugs))
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