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Real name: Mary

Age: 60

State of residence: Wyoming

Occupation: Retired

Married/Single: Married

Children? Two adult children and one spoiled pup

Favorite food: Thai

Favorite movie: movies irritate me

Favorite book: I read so many...true crime is a fav genre

Hobbies: Sudoku, reading, shopping, cooking, decorating, and new hobby...gardening

How you found I have been getting Karen's newsletter for "years".

Words to live by: Make everyday a holiday and celebrate just living.

Here is my original MBB introduction:

Hi from CO! ( We moved to WY in 2006)
Hi , I am Mary from Denver, CO. I was a couponer in a MAJOR way when my kids were growing up. If I didn't have a coupon plus a sale I didn't buy for the most part. Our groceries here were very competitive with double and triple coupons and a HUGE "scratch'n'dent" section. SO many cereal boxes were accidentally cut with a box cutter and the inner lining was intact. My kids did not know that tissues came in a box without a dent. One time I bought a nice box and my son promptly dented it. I regularly saved an average of 60+% on groceries. I am sure I still have dish detergent that was 89¢ that I bought with a triple 30¢. The kids are grown and it is now DH and I and two spoiled labs. (one died right after we moved). I still shop sales but we don't buy with coupons very often...seems like it is mainly fresh foods now.

I discovered Internet shopping on June 8, 1999 and my life changed... SO many killer deals for about a year and a half. The same son said I should have my own landfill...speechless. I have been a bargain buddy newsletter subscriber for a long time and appreciate the first class effort Karen makes. I was so happy to see the forums and see that they have taken off so quickly.

My husband retired in Jan. 2006 at 56 y.o. so we have lots of time to do what we want. I plan to spend time on this forum.
"resident shameless hussie"

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