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Originally Posted by momnick8
Where were you living when your daughter was at Tulane? Did you meet the social worker,Whit Tabor? He was the head of social services there but not sure when.

Are you an evacuee or living in SC?

My daughter and I say of her neurosurgeon after he redid her shunt "He is a much better surgeon than he is a barber!"

She is allowed to wear a hat at school because right now her hair seems to be growing sideways except for a few tufts that stick straight up. She had her first shunt at 9 days old and had it replaced at 4 weeks old due to an infection. She had another type of brain surgery at 3. But she handles it so much better than most adults would.

Nancy in Baton Rouge, LA
We were living in Gpt, MS. Tulane was the closest children's hospital for us. The surgeon that did her surgery made a HUGE candycane scar when he placed her shunt. I wasn't very impressed. When she had it replaced when she was 2 the doc (in jackson, ms) made a small scar and didn't even shave her head. But i guess what tops it all is the surgery she had in nov of 04 had a horrible stitch job. It looked horrible. Then when we got home and took the dressing off... we found a staple that they forgot to remove (it was just for holding the sterilized drape on her head) Thankfully a different doc performed her surgery two weeks later and really fixed the scar.
I am originally from MS but now my husband is stationed here SC. Thankfully we were not down there for Katrina... although my mom was and just yesterday able to move back into her house.
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