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Thank you all so much for your help!grin The navy has placed the family with tempoarary lodging here on base until they get some goods & furnishings for another house. The insurance adjusters are not even expected to arrive for a few days. The bad news is that they have only been here for 2 weeks and they were barely unpacked, on a little brighter note, they may be able to retrieve an inventory list from the movers so that the insurance adjusters can file a better claim. The elementary school PTO has donated another $500 wal-mart card for toiletries & clothing for a family of 4. And even though most of the surrounding neighbors have not been properly introduced yet, there has been an overwhelming amount of helping hands & support, along with some more food gift cards & used toys. And lets not forget that here on base we have duplexes, and even though the adjoining neighbors' home did not burn down, they did however receive a considerable amount of smoke damage to all of their belongings. They are not in need of much, but they are straight out of high school & they did not have any renters insurance. So again, please, if there is anything any one would like to donate, let us know so we can divide it amongest the two families. Thank you
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