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Exclamation Thanks everyone!!

Lots of good links above I was looking at. I am new to this, been sick a while and recently officially diagnosed. But I had cut it out for some time and the gluten is gone for good now. But hard to keep my weight up!!! One doctor says I am a little underweight.

At 39 years old I barely weigh more then my 18 year old daughter!!! Everyone is trying to lose, they do not want to hear about trying to gain, lol. But I have had this problem before.

It is hard to keep your weight up when you have been sick. And the things you were eating make you sicker. Whew, been rough.

I do better not eating any of it all, no gluten!!!!

I am going to try to make this chebe bread, no wheat, no gluten, etc...
You can find it at Now I have not fixed it yet, I did order and get it. I will let you know how it is, there are different types. Now I need someone to fix it for me, lol.

I am supposed to try to avoid MSG too due to it causing me migraines!!! I will check out the links above. It is a challenge for me to know what to eat!!! confused

Thanks. Sorry others suffer from this too. speechless

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