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Originally Posted by Kathy in Greendale View Post
It's that time of year.......what are you giving to the little ghouls and goblins that visit your house?

We are big on treats for the kids. I want kids to grow up remembering the lady that gave out huge treat bags!

This year we are giving away pretzels, sour gummi worms, a Jolly Rancher sucker, a glow in the dark bracelet, and a Hi-C box that's decorated for Halloween. Each child that visits gets all of the above.

Can I come to your house? I remember when we were little , there was an elderly woman that lived in our hollow named Mrs. Stress. She always had the very best treats and all home made. Popcorn balls, fudge, huge cookies. Back then you could get homemade treats. She was a wonderful person to all the kids in the neighborhood even when we were just out playing.

I am giving out little hersheys, whoppers, and little toys and pencils. But, we probably wont get but about 15 kids. Nobody wants to walk up the hill to my house.

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