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I got an email from a drawing from some months ago.... The Sip and win Orange Jullius Instant win. I didn't rememeber that it had a drawing part to it as well but apparently it does... lol.... so I got an email today saying that I was a potential winner for an iPod Shuffle (2nd generation)... whoo hooo.... i have to sign some release form or something and send it in. Guess they require that before they give you the winnings.

I'm happy. I have been wanting a iPod.. not the greatest fan of the shuffle because it's so tiny and I havew Juvenile onset Rheumatoid Arthritis.. .Oh boy! but it's cool to win such a neat prize.

The most amusing thing about the prize to me is that it's open to Canadian residents too but if you live in Canada, you have to solve what they call a 'Mathematical Skills test" to claim the prize. I have never heard of such a thing. It's a rather simple equation actually but still.

I wondered if this was a way to keep out kids of a certain age or people who didnt have a certain intellectual ability so they know they coudn't have entered the contest? It seems very odd. I want to know why... lol. Anyone have any idea?
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