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Originally Posted by Karen
Hi Missy,

My hubby does that diet every once in a while. I tried it for one day and couldn't do it. If I can't have a piece of bread with my meal, I'd rather not even eat! lol Now when they come out with the all carbs diet, I will JUMP on that bandwagon! lol

Here are some recipes!
Yes, especially since i'm german I have to have my bread too, and we started last year buying Sara Lee bread, which only has 9 carbs for 2 slices instead of 14 carbs per slice as the other breads. So if I make a sandwich there's no carbs in the meat,cheese,lettuce,or mustard & mayo. Only 9 in the bread and I can have 40-60 a day now. I also found low carb lasagna noodles the other day, its just the low carb spagetti sauce is expensive!
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