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Default child with disabilities

I am the mom of 4 sons, luckily none have disabilities. I have grown up around people who had them so I never thought much about them being different. Like the older kid down the street Randy who had a severe limp due to polio. Other kids made fun of him when he'd ride his 3 wheeled bike. I never understood why at the time. One of my youngest sons best friends has turretts and as he gets older it seems to get better. My friends had siblings who had disabilities and another gave birth to twins which had shunts, one was blind and deaf as well. I learned sign language as a teenager so I could talk to my friends lil sis and took a class at the hopsital so I could babysit for my friend Donna so her and her hubby could go out once in a while and get away from the stress that comes with being parents of special needs kids. I also donated 15 hours a week to being a mothers helper for various people who had kids with disabilities so they could go chill. I want to share one thing I have learned, these kids are more normal than most kids without special needs. They are sweet and caring. The doctors don't have all the answers and are usually wrong about your child limitations. They can probably do more than they thought they could or would.

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