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I am posting this to alert anyone that is a member of
A friend of mine and I joined mypoints shortly after the company
began business....almost 10 years ago. Here's an email I received
from her. She's not just mad, she's ready to take legal action if necessary.

As you know, I have been a member of Mypoints for 10 years or so. The last year or so they have been offering monthly Exclusive Offers where you earn 500 points for completing four offers. They never post the points and many times I don't even get confirmation e-mails from the vendors. Recently I requested my points from several months back. I sent all of my e-mail confirmations as proof of completion. They refused to adjust my account saying they are no longer giving adjustments when points don't post automatically. I refused to back down stating that I earned the points, have the proof and expect the points to be posted. Guess what they did? They canceled my account. I had over 14000 points in there. I have kept track of all my points earned over the years. Most large point offers (over 50 pts) are never posted without a fight.

I am warning everyone to be careful with Mypoints. They sent out a general e-mail to members recently stating they would be canceling accounts if they think you respond to offers you don't have a true interest in. How would they know what interests us? For those that may have not read it, I have included it below. I am not done with them. I will be filing complaints with the BBB, the Attorney General, etc. if they don't reinstate my account.

Open Letter to Members

First of all, I want to heartily thank you for being a MyPoints member. We have such a loyal membership, and it is your use of our program that has allowed us to grow over eight million strong in the ten years we've been around. We are grateful for the opportunity to help you earn rewards for the things you do every day.

We want to be able to continue giving you these great rewards. That's why we have a request to make of you today.

We all know it's tempting to get Points every way we can. Taking surveys, signing up for programs, filling out online forms it's so easy, and it adds up so quickly. But please, do us and our affiliates a favor: Only respond to those offers you are honestly interested in.

People do business with us because they trust our integrity and the integrity of our members. When they get the feeling that people are just in it for the Points, they're less inclined to do business with us which means we can't pass along their value to you. And to protect the vast majority of our members who use our program honestly, we'll immediately close the accounts of those we find making fraudulent use of the program.

In the long run, the few Points you gain in this way will seem pretty unimportant if doing so damages the program, and you can't shop and earn the way you used to.

By all means, participate in MyPoints. Complete surveys with integrity. Sign up for programs that you have a real interest in. And continue to redeem for great rewards with the best, most reliable companies around.


John Fullmer
President of MyPoints
Grow Your Points!
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