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Default Active Rewards Program for Teams, Clubs, Organizations, etc.

ActiveRewards is a powerful turn-key partner appreciation program designed to benefit health club facilities, park and recreation departments, endurance events, team sports activities, golf courses, and many other types or partners.

The program invites our partners to receive free* product samples, premiums, and on-site promotions designed to create excitement for their members and participants. Recent promotions have included Goody StayPut Hair Elastics, Snickers Marathon Bars, Schick Razors, Clairol Herbal Essences and Starbucks. In addition to product samples, many programs contain additional promotional materials to enhance the promotion and increase excitement.
The ActiveRewards program offers the following benefits to current partners:

* Add Value Adds value to your organization through fun, new product sampling and promotional event opportunities aimed to benefit active lifestyle participants.
* Attract New Participants/Members Energizes a membership campaign or special event at your organization.
* Boost Excitement Gives your members/participants something in return for their participation and commitment. It shows them that you care!
* Increase Participation Encourages participation by creating an opportunity to interact with members/participants while distributing product samples.

*Premium membership levels are available for some organizations and guarantee a certain number of promotions annually. Everyone who enrolls in ActiveRewards for free is a copper level member unless they would like to upgrade their membership. We cannot guarantee memberships to partners who do not have the ability to distribute a minimum of 200 product samples or promotional items.
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