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We'll, this morning I used the CVS coupon that I printed from the site to get a $25 gift card when I picked up a new prescription and when I paid my receipt printed out an additional coupon for a $25 gift card with a new prescription (which I just happen to have and need filled) so I scooped up $50 in gift cards this morning - THANKS

Also, I gave my mom 4 pairs of Grasshopper Red Hat style dress shoes for Mothers Days (I scored big points with that one) that this site alerted me to for the bargain price of $20 for all four pairs - what a steal. They would have retailed for over $100.

I have also done more than half of my Christmas shopping already (in just the last 3 months) and I shop for more than 30 people ( we have a huge extended family and I have 5 children). SO YEAH I LOVE THIS SITE and I keep telling more and more people about it!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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