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Default $100-$150 Game & Play Study - Girls ages 13-14 - San Francisco, CA area

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Hi there,
We're an SF-based design research company called Bassett & Partners.
We work with companies to help them gain feedback and insight on product design and innovation, mainly through consumer lifestyle research.
Here's our website:

We're working with a client in the gaming sector, and we need to conduct a focus group with a group of females in their early teens (13-14). We need three to four people to participate and the interview will take about
2 hours. We would prefer to do an in-home with a group of girls who are already friends (cousins ok, but preferably not sisters.) Obviously parents are encouraged to be on-site
for the interviews, and we welcome any questions prior to the interviews.

We're based in San Francisco, but we can certainly come out to different areas. (Pref no farther than 50 miles from SF, tho). The interviews will need to be conducted next week, preferably Tuesday 7/8 (daytime), or Wednesday 7/9 (anytime).

Who: Girls 13-14 (3-4)
When: Next Tuesday or Wednesday (7/8-7/9)
Where: In-home
Why: paid study for gaming

Here's the type of girl we'd like to meet with:
-Active (play a sport, art/music lessons, are 'on-the-go' types etc.)
-Into games or puzzles
-Talkative, opinionated (no shy or timid types, please)
-Active video gamers (will have a console at home, may share with sibling, may have a portable gaming device they also share, like Nintendo DS or playstation PSP, occasionally plays games on their cell-phone.)
-Active social-networkers (have a Myspace page (most kids will) and maybe Facebook.)

The interview will be focused around some concepts within the realm of portable gameplay and play activities, and we will have some innovative game concept sketches and product mock-ups to show them and get their feedback on. We're offering $100 compensation for each participant, and $150 for the person who's hosting the group at their home. The interviews are shot on video for internal use only as a means to recall information and communicate insights back to clients more effectively and is NOT distributed online or elsewhere in any way. We have release forms to give parents for the release of minor's par-
ticipation in the interview.

If you think your child would fit the above description, and she has some friends who do, too, please
reply to the craigslist post above and provide the following info:

1) Name, Age, where you live? (city is fine, not actual address)

2) What types of activities or games is your daughter into outside of school?
(Preferably into puzzles and creative activities, some video games).

3) What video game consoles or devices does she own or play with? (XBox, Nintendo Wii, DS, Sony PSP)

4) Social networks she's on?: Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc.

Feel free to visit our website above, and email us with any questions.
Thanks a lot and we look forward to meeting you!

Location: SF Bay Area
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