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We do not get PBS Sprout! But it sounds like we need it! We are in the central time zone, and so our PBS and NOggin take a nose dive at 5pm. There are like NO cartoons on at all hardly after that, well none that I would let her watch. (again the anime crap) - and we have not seen Angelina...although I have seen her at Toys' R Us, she is a mouse right?

My daughters favorite toy right now is that Bella Ballerina...can you believe that? I PAY each month for a dance class that she plays, talks and pays little attention in every week...just to come home and put in a DVD and be all over it.

So, I have learrned to tape a couple of her 'favorites' each day on the DVR so that there is always a few on there if she wants to watch them.

She also like Miffy, although the voice on Miffy puts me to sleep...

What does the zebra say? I haven't watched it probably the movie theater.
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