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Originally Posted by alice View Post
Isn't this interesting...I saw two threads a few weeks ago. One was a McCain thread and one was an Obama thread. I went into the Obama thread expecting to see fellow Obama lovers. Instead I was totally blown away with the Obama bashing in there. Today I go into the McCain thread to see if he is getting equal time. Maybe I didn't look far enough but didn't see ONE anti McCain comment.

Needless to say, I'm not going in EITHER ONE again.
Not only that, but if you're an Obama supporter (such as myself), you'll get bashed if you try to point out the smears and lies being posted. Be careful. I quit posting here for that reason alone. People here aren't who they pretend to be. Quite a few people (McCain supporters) sent me nasty, rude personal messages and called me names publicly, such as stupid. I was really disappointed that this was allowed to go on and seemed to be encouraged by a few moderators.