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I read through all the posts you are talking about and I think it would be better to just let it go. I understand Sabra that you are frustrated and you had your feelings hurt and thats understandable but to continue to let it bother you isnt worth it. These are hard times for everyone and this election really has people worried. I have said it before and I ll say it now.. I am voting for OBama and thats my choice and thats the end of it. There were some comments in that thread that got out of hand but it was on both sides of the fence... several were guilty of saying things they shouldnt but this is the internet where people post ideas, comments, feelings and opinions and we (meaning anyone and everyone) arent going to like each person we come in contact with on the internet or agree with everything they say but soon the election will be over and hopefully by the grace of God we will all find ourselves in a better place economically no matter who is elected. This board has a lot of great people on it and and lot of great mods too so maybe you'll find it in you to overlook one bad experience because sometimes people just have to agree to disagree.