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[quote=pepper60;591970]What seems so very long ago now, there were many people seeking to be
their party's candidate. I read up on each of them. Thought I had
made my mind up but as each person withdrew, I found myself having
to make changes in my decision. When it got down to the two
from the main parties we have, I dug deeper into each of their
backgrounds, including their wives.

When I came to the quote from Michelle Obama that she was ashamed
to be an American until her husband decided to run for President, that
really got my goat. I sure as heck don't want someone like her representing my country as First Lady.


You and I must be twins! The person I supported isn't in the running anymore. Michelle Obama's quote and her husband refusing to Pledge Allegience sealed my deal. If they don't love this country they don't need to run it.