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Default Rösti

A potato dish from Switzerland that is generally made with boiled potatoes. The potatoes are cooled after cooking, peeled, and grated. Sautéed onions are mixed into the grated potatoes, they are seasoned to taste, and formed into flattened cakes to be cooked in a skillet. When preparing the cake, it can be formed by hand or a rösti ring can be used, which is a tublar piece of stainless steel that can be filled with the potato mixture and placed in the skillet. When cooking, the potato cake can be kept uniformly flat by placing a plate on top of the cake while the opposite side is browning in the pan. The cake is then flipped over to brown the other side and the plate is then placed on the browned side. This potato cake is very similar to a potato cake commonly known as "hash brown" potatoes.
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