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Default TMF~Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast Lunchmeat

**please use your descretion when utilizing this offer.**

-1 UPC symbol from package
-original cash register receipt with purchase price circled
-3x5 index card containing your name, address, city, state, zip code and e-mail address

Send to:
Hillshire Farm Try Me Free Offer
PO Box 6154 Dept. A
Douglas, AZ 85655-6154

Must be purchased by 6/30/09 and postmarked by 7/31/09. Limit one per household. Max rebate amount 4.99.

I found the info on a peelie attached to a package of this lunchmeat. It is one of the kinds in a gladware tub with a red lid. You have to purchase the specific kind listed...I believe it's a new "flavor".
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