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I have a set of Henkels that I love.. if you decide to go with Henkel be sure to look at which style its from. While all Henkels are good you ll see that some are a lot better and aside from cost you ll be able to hold the knife in your hand and know by the weight of it if its one of the lower grade ones. Thats the best way I know how to explain it.. lol

I have one Wusthof too and I like it but the feel of it isnt as balanced as my Henkel... the Wusthof was a gift.

There are Henkel knife sets that you can buy to get you started but I bought all of mine individually so I could get the style of blade I would use the most.. also if you buy more than one you might consider not using a knife block and get a magnetic strip instead. I like it a lot more... enables me to see the knife and I dont have to sharpen as often because the blade isnt resting on something all the time.
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