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Default Great Knives

Hi Nan,

Hope all is well in Lake Charles. I have owned Wüsthof knives for more than 10 years and just love them. Be sure and shop around, William Sonoma and Crate & Barrel as both places provide good education and information about knives. You need to decided between a forged knives or nonforged. Depending on how serious of a cook you are the price of a forged knife is significant. Wüsthof is a great product but there are many others available. If you decide to purchase this brand don't get the electric knife sharpen, the hand held works much better and can even sharpen you scissors. Also, Sur La Tab offers free sharpening about 2 times a year. Let me know what you end up getting! What every you decide to get there is nothing better than having a good knife in the kitchen.
Happy holiday's to you and family Nan.
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