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Originally Posted by Melissa
Took some effort, but eh. I don't even drink coffee but I'm sure my mother will enjoy her free coffee. I think she loves me more because of this forum. In fact, I'm pretty sure she does.
The other day when I went grocery shopping at Walmart to try to walk myself into labor, my ma went and used a ton of coupons that I'd given her. There were a couple for free cat food (One of our two cats just gave birth to four kittens within the last 12 hours, so that'll come in handy eventually), free dog food, free lotion, random free food products, free shaving cream, etc. She liked me enough to pay for about half my stuff and still came out paying less than she would of.

Lol, I love your posts Melissa! You know Starbucks has goodies too besides coffee, they have wonderful baked goods - that's what I use all my GCs for! I love the folksy story about your Mom~ cool that you guys get to go shopping and such.

Hey, did you ever get the second coupon from Unilever? They sent me a really nice letter with a second $6.00 coupon and some snuggle samples, etc... I know you mentioned it but don't recall the outcome. Kittens eh? Well, at least SOMEONE is having babies, lol...any moment now honey, hang in there!

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