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I didn't see that fine print..but I'll tell you what happened so far! It was the end of October (?) and I mis-read or just didn't quite understand what the plan was, so I waited until November 1 to cash it out thinking that would give me more time to use it. It expires at the end of the month after you cash it out. So I get the email it wouldn't credit until December 1. They don't move it over until the NEXT month after you ask. It was probably December 2 that I went to the local Waldenbooks to use it. We don't have Borders here. I bought a book that was listed at full price but I had a 20% off coupon. Then she asked did I want to donate a book to Toys for Tots. So between those two I spent almost the $15. Then I find out they have an "outlet" type store two doors down. Had I known I would have gone there first! So I went there to spend the other few bucks. Found a book for $4 and the girl says oh we're not on line and I don't know how to ring up the card so I said okay I'll pay. Then, about three days ago I get an email from Borders saying as of 12/14 I have $15 in my account. I'm still trying to see if I can redeem it again on-line. Have to hit $25 for free shipping and haven't managed to get the right mix in the cart to finish!

edit update: what a pain! the girl at the store must not have rung the sale up right because i got all the way to the end on line at it says i have $15 in bordersbucks there. originally i'd gone into the brick and mortar thinking i could find better deals than on-line. ha! at least from what i've looked at the prices were better on-line. AND, you can get "send to store" for free shipping. not sure all this was worth it but i now have $15 more borderbucks to spend! hooray for incompetence!

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