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Default Online Focus Group, $100 Chasen Research, Cell Phones ...

just passing this along ...

CHASEN RESEARCH is conducting a market research study on the topic of:

Cell Phone Usage

If you qualify and participate, you will receive $100 for your time and opinions.

No sales involved, ever!

To start, please answer the questions below and email your responses back by January 28, 2009 to:

This is not an invitation to participate. However, we will call you at the best time to reach you indicated below, if you qualify for this study. Depending on the number of responses we may or may not be able to contact all interested participants.

Note: These questions are for market research purposes. Sometimes we are looking for people that have purchased and/or consumed certain products/services, and sometimes we are looking for people that have not done so. Please be honest in your responses.

1. Name

2. Phone number

3. Best time to reach you

4. Which of the following best describes your current situation?
Student Part time
Student Full time
Employed Full time
Employed Part time
Self employed
Full time homemaker

5. Which of the following features do you regularly use on your cell phone?
Send/receive text messages
Take pictures
Listen to music
Pay bills
Access my bank account
Make online purchases

6. Which of the following brands of plastic debit/check/credit cards do you own?
American Express

7. Age

8. In what city and state do you currently reside?

Privacy Policy

YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US. Chasen Research respects the privacy of respondents and individuals who respond to electronic information requests. When you register to become a market research participant with Chasen Research, your contact information and other demographic information is added to our database of potential market research participants so that we can contact you when a market research study is being conducted that you may qualify for. To protect the identity and confidentiality of participants in our database, Chasen Research does not resell or redistribute your information to anyone outside of our company.

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