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i have gotten in on the bath and beauty works testing poducts no money but great products from mindfield !!!!!!!!!! i tested shampoo and my hair did not fall out thank goodness !!!!!!! also oreo cookies !!!!!! other food products

lightspeed is good you get points then i always get the godiva chocolate also i had beverage one before. they send you a palm pilot for 2 weeks write what you drink then get paid like 60 or 80 dollars say you are in your 20's with 1 child 7 or 9 years old !!!!!!!!!!!

isposisay is another good one i got a coffee one that paid 150 dollars !!!!!!!!!

buzzback pays 5 dollars for short ones !!!!!!!!!

i got lazy so i do not do much anymore !!!!!!!!!

the best one i got was from a company i can't think of the name of sorry . when i remember i will post. menopause you know !!!!! i think they are out of nashville. i got paid 300 dollars and they came to my apt and filmed me making 3 types of ice tea !!!!!!!!!! the check came in like 3 days i was amazed.

gillette testing moved to ohio from MA so if anyone is close the deodorant testing pays 50 dollars also they pay up to the age of 25 to be filmed shaving your legs for like 150 dollars and do not worry only research people see it !!!!!!!!! the sweat room i do not recommend i got ill then i stopped doing it but it was a real trip. they have a pool and 1 week i won, this was in the 1980's the sweat room.
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