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Wow...awesome little run of wins!! CONGRATS to you all!

Funny little story. . .I was home Friday and running errands (also had to work half a day to make up for being off during the ice storm). When I finally got home there was a sticker on the door indicating I'd miss the UPS man!! Oh boy, I thought. . .must be something GREAT to come by UPS. . .maybe even papers to sign 'cause I won that car! So, I noticed on the paper that I could go pick my delivery up and called them. They said I could come that night, after the truck returned, at 7:30.

Wasn't easy but I talked the S.O. into traveling (what MapQuest said was 20 minutes) if we could go for Chinese food first. We went to eat and got to the place 45 minutes later! Still, since we'd eaten early, it was just then 7:30. The place was FULL, so I stood in line to give the lady my paper. She disappeared with it and came back and handed it to me and said the guy wouldn't be in until 8:00. I said fine (I mean, after all, isn't a car with a 30 minute wait?) and got a brusque nod from the S.O.

I took one of the 3 chairs they had in the whole place 'cause my knee and ankle were hurting, and waited. And waited. And waited. On the phone they'd told me they close at 8:00. At 8:20 we were the last 2 people in the place and she said, "are you waiting for a truck"? I reminded her that yeah, that's what SHE'D told us almost an hour ago! She told me to bring the paper to her and she went and got the small box (sighhhh) and handed it to me and apologized since she'd had a room full of people to deal with. What? They only call you if they can remember you??? You'd think. . . oh well, never mind, I'm not the one running the place (or it would be more organized, I can tell ya!)

Anyhow, NOT being the anticipated new car, I thought I would drag out the anticipating and wait 'till I got home to open the box. Immediately on getting in our car, the S.O. says, "So, what is it?" I told him to turn on the light and note that it's from Johnson & Johnson, so I figgered it was a box of baby products, or maybe some kinda machine (blood pressure monitor?), or maybe even something like nursing shoes. Well, it was a heavy box! But even he said, wait till we get home.

When we got home I hadda make him take the box, 'cause it was still an ice rink walk from the car to the door. When I finally got in and opened the box, it was a big package of info on "Nursing's Future." A video, a couple of pins, a pen that has a button on it (sposed to light up, maybe?. . .but didn't), a great number of flyers and literature and a scrub shirt.

I'm keeping (wearing) the shirt and giving the rest of it (except the pen for which I have hopes of functionability) to my friend who is a nurse aid and planning to attend nursing school in the fall.

A long trip (thankful gas isn't any more expensive), a lotta time, but I did get a scrub shirt outta it and the S.O. got his sweet and sour fix!
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