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Hi all, thanks for the spotlight and the warm welcome. My life has changed dramatically since I filled out the member page for the spotlight. Some of you know that my husband of 34 years is disabled (he had a heart attack and 6 bypasses among numerous other health problems. We tried, but could not make it on his SS disability. We had turned off the DirecTv, the home phone and, sadly, my internet. I went out job hunting last month, and found one on my first day of looking. I feel blessed as I had not worked for someone else in 35 years. Its not rocket science, but it is a nice job with extremely pleasant co-workers AND managers. Best of all, its allowing me to get caught up on the bills and have a little extra in our pockets. I have turned the TV back on first but expect to do the same with the internet in a few weeks.
Can't wait until then!!!

I miss MBB and am looking forward to getting back on and finding my bargains
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