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Default The Kids' Wins

These are not sweepstakes but my kids won the following the past weekend:

Nicholas (14)- 1st place for the alcohol abuse poster contest for our church's Knights of Columbus council. Because his also won for the district and is now being judged for the State of Louisiana, he was given a $50 Walmart card.

Katie (11)- 1st place for the substance abuse poster for the same contest. She got a $25 card. I bought their cards from them because I use them for gas which is 3 cents cheaper if you use the card.

Katie also won a plaque for the Council's Basketball Free Throw contest. However that was because she was the only entrant in her age division. Good thing too, since she uses a wheelchair and can't reach the net- they let her use a trashcan as a net. She wasn't able to compete at the district level (we had other plans), but she would have had to throw in the regular net. I am going to write to the national office to see if they will set up a division for those with disabilities, especially since they work a lot with kids with disabilities.

Also we went to an annual Kite Fest across the river (Mississippi) and Katie won in her age division for the Design a Kite contest. She won a blue ribbon. Then hers was judged among all winners for the entire festival and she won 1st place again. This ribbon was larger and had Kite Fest 2009 imprinted on it.

It was a busy weekend. The Knights of Columbus awards were given at their annual banquet, so we also got a free meal. It was an election day, so my hubby was working for that and wasn't able to come. However, since Katie doesn't like fancy food, she ate a Lunchable (and the cheesecake dessert) and I dumped her plate of food into a container for my hubby to eat at home. He actually made it to the end of the banquet but missed their awards by about 15 minutes.
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