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We had planned to do it twice- lunch one place and dinner another. Katie and I were alone for the day so we had a late lunch at the first Chick-Fil-A and then ran a few errands. When we got out of Wal-mart, with the temps in the low 90s and ice cream in one bag, the van wouldn't start- dead battery- and hubby and son were an hour away working at my brother's house without hubby's cell phone. So I had to step up to the plate and got someone to jump us off. I then headed home, stopping (but not turning off the car) at Sonic for a giant drink, and since the guys did not get back until late, we didn't get to go to our regular Chick-Fil-A in costume. But at least we got our free lunches.

Katie's costume was not as elaborate this year. We just wore what the website had, plus put spots on her white outfit. Mine wasn't white but they didn't hold it against me. While in Chick-Fil-A, we met a woman watching four young kids (not in costume) and she mentioned that they were there because she had driven from a town two hours away to pick up her hubby from the State Police office and on their way home, had been rear-ended. The fourth child was not hers, but a friend's who was helping her hubby back at the accident site. She said her kids had not seen her hubby for two weeks, and her little girl had been asleep when they picked him up and didn't wake up until the accident, so really had not seen her daddy but for a few seconds. We learned all this when the little girl said she wanted a toy and the mom said they had gotten ice cream instead. Katie decided to give the mom her toy since she had the same thing already. I commented that the mom was going to have to find a way to share among her kids and that is when the mom said that the fourth was not hers. There was a baby and the other three looked like they were all under four years old. So my dead battery was nothing compared to what they had gone through.

Hint to car drivers- don't rear end someone who had been in training at the State Police for two weeks- probably not a good idea!

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