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When I went to the website it was there on the front page, but i guess its full now. Its still under my campaign.

Campaign Homepage

The Aquapod BzzCampaign

Online BzzGuide
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Welcome, BzzAgent Misfit!
Aquapod™ is a new bottled water package from Deer Park® that's designed especially for your kids! It's pure, natural spring water that comes in a cool, bubble-shaped bottle. Aquapod will have your kids asking for more bottled water!
You probably already know how important it is for busy, active children (and their parents!) to stay hydrated. Aquapod satisfies your children's thirst in an exciting and fun new way. Sure, you may be thinking that it's just the same spring water in the bottle — but don't underestimate the power of packaging! Kids are curious and love to try anything new. Once they get their hands on an Aquapod bottle, they won't want to put the bottle down!
The Aquapod bottle is a new, rounded shape that's fun and unique. It's a revolutionary, patented, fun design that rolls and even floats in water! Aquapod helps your kids have fun with bottled water with an interactive shape that gives water a cool, new image. Each Aquapod bottle holds 11 ounces of water, which is a convenient and child-friendly size. And, of course, the water tastes great, because it's the same spring water from Deer Park® that you know and love.
Hey, we know it's tough to get kids to make healthy choices. So we think that whatever might work is worth trying! Whether it's the unique shape, the great taste or the desire to be "just like mom or dad" toting around a water bottle, we think that the Aquapod bottle will make it easier for you to get your kids hooked on H2O. Aquapod helps you instill good habits early on, by offering a brand new way for your kids to enjoy delicious, natural spring water!
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