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Yeah my kids are always saying crazy things. Here is one I saved from November 13th:

Here is a conversation I overheard in the car on the way home today:

Anna: I really want a rurrby (Furby)
Alissa: But they're 'spensive, aaaaaaaaaand mom said it was pointless anyways
Anna: But I really want one
Alissa: Well, you just have to buy it with your ow-wn money. Take your piggy bank to the store and buy one. You have lots of money.
Anna: No way! I'm saving that for college!

*mom cracks up and they can't figure out why*

Anna: I'm taking my piggy bank to college to pay for it and what's left I will take to the store and buy a rurrby.

*mom pulls over because she is laughing so hard*

The truth is more important than the facts.

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