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Default, a most unpleasant experience.

I tried to order from Ulta Beauty It was a most unpleasant experience that ended up putting over $200.00 on my card without an order going through, they charged me 4 times for no order and tied up my card. Basically their online check out keep sending me back to correct things that did not be corrected. I kept getting the order rejected. Finally, an message said that it could not commit my order which I have been advised that message comes up when their system is on overload more or less. Two emails went unanswered and one phone call resulted in excuses and passing the buck attitude. No compassion, no help, no would you like some help straightening this out, no are you still interested in ordering, nothing but an uncaring demeanor. I just wanted to share my story regarding who in my experience is a very thoughtless business. I did not have to pay the $200.00 but their bogus check- out system caused an overdraft and caused me to have to deal with my bank to remove the charges and overdraft fees. Ulta did nothing that would even remotely resemble good customer service or concern.
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