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Originally Posted by barbnolastname
let me warn you!

I already did a bzz report on this so I can tell you about it.

I put my water in the fridge here at work. I got it at lunch time and opened it. I picked it up to take my 1st drink and water went everywhere! The plastic is too pliable (soft) so in order not to make more of a mess I had to pour it into a styrofoam cup. I dont know if it was too soft because it was cold or if it was just bad plastic, so just be careful giving it to your kids! I'm full grown and made a mess lol
I was wondering about that plastic too. My kids had no problem holding it, it just dented in every time they would drink. My little 3 year old was trying not to dent it in with her fingers when she picks it up. Good water though.
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