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Originally Posted by SLance68
Avoid the following website - every once in a while someone will list it on a freebie board for free chocolate. It is a spam site and they will wear your e-mail address out.

I have been doing freebies and contests for over 7 years and have only received 1 phone call from a lady needing to know what size dog I had so she could send the correct size dog treats. If I am leary of a site I will use a junk aol e-mail address I have and list my dog's name. Hey her name is Amber and she does get a lot of mail now. The best one was when she received a offer for a PRE Approved Platinum Visa card - do you know how stupid the people felt when I called and told them it was a dog they had preapproved.

Wanted to add - If it tells you that you have to "complete" one of the offers to get something - Get out of there - it is just spam waiting to happen. My boss got into one of those things because he was going to "get him a free John Deere Lawn Tractor" needless to say I had to change his e-mail address and have the old one removed from our account. He now will ask me before he attempts to get anything free. I told him to just leave it to the experts and not try to get free stuff on his own.
thanks for the info
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