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Originally Posted by MagiePerdu View Post
I don't recall any of us buddies ever winning one of these Coke IWs
I have Magie! Maybe a year ago I won on the Best Buy one ...maybe another ...would have to check in old email contest file. Pretty sure I have won several times.

I also won on the Sears one last week! $20 cha ching!
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I just checked the old emails and found where I won the Best Buy gc $15 (but it had $20 on it) on 3-7-2010

That was the only instant win other than the recent Sears win. But, I won a lot of moolah on the Twist Text promo! I think there were three or four of those for a $20 gc which all turned out to be $25 on them.

I also won in their Concert Cash promotion on 12-15-09 for $100.
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