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Default new offer?

I got an email invitation today, it looks sort of the same but I think its from Lexmark:

Barb -

VOConline would like to invite you to participate in a
product evaluation of a new printing device.

We are currently recruiting evaluators for several
different products. Depending on your user profile,
you may match the requirements of one of the upcoming
programs. We're looking for individuals who currently
have a need for a printing device.

As a participant, we will provide this product for you
to use as your primary printer for the duration of the
program (approx. 5 to 6 weeks). Also, you will be asked
to spend some time each week performing certain tasks
associated with the product, then submitting your
feedback regarding those tasks.

** To participate, you must be available to test the
product from early July through September. Based on
feedback, some programs may be extended to allow
additional test time.

(Web registration required, see below.) You will be
notified of your acceptance into this beta program
within the next few days.
================================================== =====
================================================== =====

We are looking for evaluators, who:

* Own a digital camera
* Have a need to print documents and photos
* Want to provide early feedback on a new printing

If you meet the above requirements and wish to be a
candidate for this product evaluation, please go to: 06

to submit your user profile. If selected for the
program, you'll be contacted by a field test
representative in the next few days. (If you have
trouble with the link, try cutting and pasting it into
your browser.)

Thank you for your time!
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