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Winicon GOYA® Match Your Birthday! Online Game (Daily thru 12/31/2011)



What's a birthday party without a piñata? Play the game by whacking the piñata (by clicking on it) until it bursts, spilling its contents (many GOYA® packages) to the ground.

Choose a GOYA® product (by running your cursor over the product you select and clicking on the package), and a single digit number (e.g. 2) will be revealed on a game piece.

Every time you collect all eight (8) game pieces that match your birthday (e.g. 02/06/1974), you receive a Sweepstakes entry for a chance to Win $75,000! Game pieces will automatically be saved on your personal birthday game board.

Limit one (1) game play per person per day. Game pieces collected in the On-Pack Game and the Online Game may not be combined.

There will be four (4) Sweepstakes Drawings, each with a chance to Win $75,000!

•Timing of Drawings: April, July and October 2011 and January 2012

•Play early and often for your best chance of winning!

•Once you are entered, you are entered for all subsequent drawings.

~Miracles happen to those who believe!~
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