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Sweetie, it sounds like you just need to ask God to put the right words in you mouth and then let 'em fly. There is a way to tell people to go to Hades and they will enjoy the trip. Stand firm as your child's mother and tell them all, that while you appreciate their concern, you are managing nicely. As to his Nana, sounds like you need to set some boundaries. She will either accept them or she will find someone else's kid to raise. And your SIL? I would never let her take or be given another photo of him EVER! Most phone cameras and some cameras have a GPS stamp that is recorded in the digital description of the picture. There are cheap programs that allow people to pinpoint, with great accuracy, exactly where the picture was taken. Sand up for yourself and your son - even at the risk of making a few enemies. You will both n=be the better for it.

Originally Posted by Donia View Post
Well lets see.... a day shift position came open last week and a person who previously gave up the postion took it after being bullied about coming back. He is a major christion whom I love as a co-worker but he hides behind his religion and has no backbone... its sad

My car wont start...possibly the starter but I dont know.

After telling my boss I wanna work less hours and possibly go part- time I am now working 6 out of 7 days straight due to another co-worker having mycoplasma pneumonia... "sigh" She comes back on Thursday. I hope she is doing better since she wasnt hospitalized just some meds to take home from our ER.

My almost 3 month old son..... his daddy's family all have opinions on how I should raise my son including his sister, dad, mom, granny and who knows whom else...and share this with me daily whether it be how he should never have infant tylenol or when to introduce 1st baby foods... how I should keep my job. How his mom cant watch him cuz of my job. etc.... They all are all knowing and its killing me...esp his sister's wild rants on my cell phone or mean fb things. I asked her to stop putting so many pics all the time of my son because people were thinking he was hers not mine and it hurt me badly... so she simply unfriended and blocked me! Im starting to lose it.... His Nana as she calls herself which is cute has her own hursery, clothes, car seat and more clothes than I have so I feel taken over and like she wants to control how my son is raised. Yet when I worked over, she said she couldnt keep him any longer and when I needed her to follow me to the repair shop she refused and said she had plans. I get mixed messages all the time. Its very hurtful.... I dont know how to feel. I just feel not good enough and sad then mad as hell.

SR had said we should wait til August to get a new vehicle. But now cuz of all my car troubles.... Im supposed to be online comparison shopping to buy a new vehicle this week. Im just fed up and wanna hide in my room but gotta work at 6:30.... God help us all if I snap!

Donít tell the Lord how big the problem is, tell the problem how big the Lord is.
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