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Originally Posted by bikerbabe View Post
Say`s you need account confirmation I have waited
seem`s forever and havent recieved anything in E-MAIL
even had them resend...Hope Iget this one...Thank`s
for the heads up
Same problem here! Did you check the first box that allows them to contact you? If not, someone there posted that you're apparently still registered but won't get the email. You just need to come back when the giveaway starts and log in then. I'm not sure I'd trust that though.

I signed up again with a different email and then immediately got a confirmation. I stubbornly continue to cling to my very old AOL address but a lot of stuff like this never even makes it to my Spam folder. So I signed up with an alternate Yahoo address and it went right through. Good luck to you and a big thanks to Ladybug!
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